SC Suman is a self taught artist who watched his grandmother make ritual paintings in the Mithila tradition. He is a textile designer by profession and also is a celebrated radio host in Biratnagar. He has held 14 solo shows in Nepal, France, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands. He has won many awards including the Rastra Pratibha Puraskar. Suman has been served as a Council Member and Head of Department of the Folk Arts (2071-2075 B.S.)at Nepal Academy of Fine Arts. Das has been actively working in various organizations for the development of art and artists for more than 20 years. He has served as a "Chief Judge" for several different art competitions. Das organized the National level Art Workshops in Biratnagar in 2002-2015. He is currently researching Mithila, Tharu, Santhal, Dhimal, [...]