Handshake Across The Himalayas

When Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping went to Nepal in February 1978, Madan Kumar Bhattarai was a young journalist with Nepal’s state-owned The Rising Nepal daily who got the much-coveted assignment to cover the visit. Forty-one years later, when Air China’s Boeing 747 carrying Chinese President Xi Jinping landed at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu […]

Mithila representations of Kathmandu’s metamorphosis

In his 16th solo exhibition Mithila Cosmos: Songs of Innocence and Experience, artist SC Suman depicts his experiences in his signature Mithila style. The exhibition at the Siddhartha Art Gallery brings southern Nepal’s popular art form to Kathmandu. Mithila paintings are a renowned art style practiced by women of Nepal and some parts of India. […]

The cosmos as a kaleidoscope

Artist SC Suman came to Kathmandu four decades ago and the first site he went to see was the Pashupatinath Temple. There were more monkeys and more trees, he recalls. And less people. Everything looked orderly and beautiful. In Suman’s new exhibition Mithila Cosmos: Songs of Innocence & Experience, this image of Pashupatinath is complemented […]

मिथिला कलामा विगत र वर्तमान

काठमाडौं – सन १९७० को दशकमा उनी तराईबाट राजधानी छिर्दा आफ्नी आमासँग पशुपति दर्शन गर्न पुगेका थिए। पशुपतिमा बाँदरको हुल देखेपछि उनको मानसपटलमा ‘पशुपति’ सम्झने माध्यम जवान हुँदासम्म ताजै थियो। तर उनी कलाकार बनेर राजधानी छिरेर पशुपति पुग्दा ७० को दशकको बाँदरको हुल हेर्न पाएनन्। बाँदर हेर्न नपाए पनि उनले सडकबाटै टलक्क टल्केका सुनौला छानालाई […]

ट्रिएनालेमा मिथिला रौनक

काठमाडौं, १८ चैत तारागाउँ म्यूजियम बौद्ध, नेपाल आर्ट काउन्सिल बबरमहल र पाटन म्यूजियममा नेपाल ललितकला प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्ठानका प्राज्ञ तथा मैथिली कलाकार एससी सुमनका कला प्रदर्शनीमा राखिएको छ । ‘काठमाडौं ट्रिएनाले’ मिथिला कलामार्फत शहरको यथार्थतालाई सुमनले अभिव्यक्त गरेका छन् । चैत ११ बाट जारी १७ दिने ट्रिएनालेमा सुमनले मिथिला लोकशैलीमा शहरलाई उधिनेका छन् । नेपालको लिच्छवीकालीन […]

मिथिला क्यानभासका नायक

मैथिल चित्रकला प्रदर्शनभन्दा तिनले दिने सन्देश ठूलो कुरा हो। सुमन त्यही गरिरहेका छन्। नवीन झा उनका लागि सबैभन्दा प्रिय र मूल्यवान् सम्पत्ति भनेका कुची र क्यानभास हुन् त्यो पनि गाउँमै बनेका। यिनै चिजले आज उनलाई सुबोधचन्द्र दासबाट एससी सुमन बनाइदिएको छ। ५० वर्षअघि सिरहा, भवानीपुरको मैथिल परिवारमा सुबोधचन्द्रलाई जन्म दिने बाबुआमा छोरा डाक्टर बनोस् भन्ने […]

Mithila Cosmos

Text: Pujan Joshi My search for mithali traditional arts had led me to an art gallery at Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, where the Mithila art culture by Subodh Chandra Das better known by his art signature initials as S.C. Suman had showcased his myth- poetic art from Dec 10th 2013 – Jan 6th 2014. As I […]

Mithila paintings in town

Mar 8, 2011-The bright colours and sharp contours of Mithila Art are immediately recognisable as belonging to the Maithili community of the Tarai. Traditionally drawn upon walls and symbolically evoking religious figures, the art form has evolved with what might be called the internationalisation of Mithila art. Mithila paintings, these days, are not limited to […]

Mithila Cosmoc

Start Date:2013-12-10 End Date:2014-01-06 Venue: Siddhartha Art Gallery Organised By: Siddhartha Art Gallery Mithila Cosmos : Circumambulating the Tree of Life The ancient and vast Mithila Kingdom was surrounded by the Ganges River to the South, the Himalayas to the North, and the now non-existent Koshi and Gandaki Rivers to the East and West, whose […]

Divine inspirations

If you want have a feel of fine Mithila Art, then your destination has to be Siddhartha Art Gallery. Inaugurated on December 7 by country director of World Food Programme Richard Ragan, the exhibition entitled ‘The Mithila Cosmos’ has over 35 impressive paintings of SC Suman. A student of science from Biratnagar, Suman says he […]

Kidmandu: A Painting Workshop with Mr. SC Suman

B.P Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized a ‘Painting Workshop’ in its series of ‘Kidmandu’ programme on 18th February 2017 at Nepal Bharat Library. Around 50 children from Grade 6 to Grade 10 participated in the workshop. Eminent Mithila Artist Mr. SC Suman taught the children about the basics of Mithila paintings. Techniques of Mithila Art including […]

Artist SC Suman brings his 15th Solo exhibition to Siddhartha Art Gallery

Artist SC Suman’s 15th solo exhibition titled ‘Mithila Cosmos IV Kalpavriksha’ opened on February 3 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babermahal Revisited. It was inaugurated by Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Nepal, H.E. Ms. Rensje Teerink. Kapavriksha is a divine wish-granting tree according to Hindu mythology that originated from the sea during […]

Kalpavriksha with modern twist

Kalpavriksha , a divine wish-granting tree as per Hindu mythology evolved from water during Samundra Manthan — the churning of the ocean by gods and demons. This wish fulfilling tree has inspired artist SC Suman for his 15th solo exhibition ‘Mithila Cosmos IV Kalpavriksha’. Suman’s works created between 2013 to 2015 are on display in […]

The Mithila avatar

In ‘Kalpavriksha’, S C Suman implores us to imagine a more harmonious future for Nepal Michael Nishimura The mysteries of the universe may never be understood scientifically, but that doesn’t stop artist S C Suman from exploring the brilliance of our boundless cosmos through his Mithila-styled works. The fourth installment of his art series ‘Kalpavriksha’ […]

Music of the spheres

Dec 11, 2013-Our worlds—the consciousness that informs our understanding of who and what we are, the awareness of all that we see and hear around us, as well as the realms and spaces we navigate in and out of each day—are strange, individual spheres. They are extremely hard to define; harder still, to try and […]

Cosmic consciousness

For centuries, humans have been obsessed with understanding the conscious and subconscious mind. We want to determine who we are and what we’re doing in the world. Do we serve a greater purpose, or are we destined to merely perambulate life but not fully understand? And what is our connection to the universe? These are […]

The Giving Tree

Feb 20, 2016- The art that originated out of the centuries old Mithila Kingdom, while often charming, can sometimes be dismissed as mere “folky” decoration. The bright colours, repetitive patterns, exaggerated side profiles, florals, stylised birds and animals, and a frolicking Krishna at play spying on bathing gopinis do not elide into people’s preconceived notions […]