Artist Statement

Since the beginning of my pioneer work in the field of Mithila painting, I have juxtaposed contemporary issues with the traditional form, natural colours and spiritual aesthetics of my native land. I have simply found myself as a link in the long heritage in the development of this home-grown works of art and have brought the techniques, tools and the outline (which were in the verge of extinction) of our social semiotics at the forefront of the international community. While doing so, my grandmother, surrounding nature and my keen observation has proved to be the source of inspiration for me. The progressive time has further motivated me to grab the social change in my paintings.

To sum up, Mithila art is original to its surrounding nature. It is an ancient, an indigenous and traditional one but it is getting modernized day by day. So its market value is increasing gradually. Consequently it is exposed to the outer world. This modern aspect of Mithila art is beautifully and tastefully depicted on t-shirt, tea mat, mirror, tray, paper stand, bags and baskets of different size and shape. It is also painted on pillow covers, bed sheets or covers, table cloths and on many household wares. It is also becoming a suitable source of income. Though this is called crafts and becoming means of foreign exchange, credit goes to the hardworking artists. But my special focus is to revive traditional techniques, natural pigments and aware people through aesthetic means of Mithila arts.